The Center for the Arts, a division of Salt Lake County, owns and operates Abravanel Hall, Capitol Theatre, the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center and the ArtTix ticketing service.

Since its earliest days, Utah’s citizens have made arts and culture an integral part of their lives and a part of the thriving community. Utah has a rich history of arts and culture dating back before the state was founded.

The original Salt Lake Theater was built 15 years following the state’s founding. In 1962, as part of the Second Century Plan, Salt Lake leaders proposed a civic auditorium to house dance, drama and the symphony. Salt Lake County residents made that vision a reality in 1975 when they approved a bond to finance the construction of Abravanel Hall and the Salt Lake Art Center, as well as the restoration of the Capitol Theater.

In 1989 many of Salt Lake’s smaller performing arts groups formed the Performing Arts Coalition with the mission to develop and fund additional cultural facilities. Between 1993 and 2001 the Performing Arts Coalition, with the assistance of Salt Lake County, raised funds for the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, which opened in 1997. Today, Salt Lake County owns and operates all these venues on
behalf of Utah’s residents.

The strong tradition and support of arts and culture continue even today as the community experiences substantial growth. Arts and culture, and the facilities to house such events, remain an important factor in community planning and development. The Center for the Arts continues to serve the local citizens in managing historical buildings that bring great arts and culture to the surrounding population.

ArtTix is the in-house ticketing service for Abravanel Hall, Capitol Theatre, and the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center. Visit the artTix website for a listing of current and upcoming events and enjoy our “view from seat” and “select your seat” capabilities. Coming in summer 2011, artTix will offer print-at-home ticketing.